Stow Creek District Mission Statement

The Stow Creek Township School District community – students, parents, staff members, the Board of Education, and the community – at large will :cropped-sc-gt-hdrthm1-230x184

  • Provide an environment favorable to the full growth and development of every child
  • Set and maintain standards of competence and excellence
  • Expect all students to achieve all the NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards at all grade levels
  • Promote understanding, appreciation and respect for all people
  • Promote equal opportunity for all people


Stow Creek School Sciences

Mrs. Elwell’s 6th Grade Science class with their delicious Edible Cell Biology projects!


2013-2014 Teacher Evaluation Data

Category # of Teachers  Percentage
Commendable 12 100
Satisfactory 0 0
Nees Imprvmt 0 0
Unsatisfactory 0 0



Stow Creek Student Council