IMG_1036As part of the Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership, the Morris Goodwin School houses primary grades for the students of Greenwich and Stow Creek Townships: consisting of Kindergarten through 4th grade.  At Morris Goodwin, students are provided a top-notch education that focuses on developing a strong foundation of Math and Literacy skills and emotional development.  Every grade level begins each day with the core subject areas of Language Arts and Mathematics saving all special area subjects for the latter portion of the day.  During the school day students are exposed to a vast array of educational enrichment experiences.  An example of these enrichment experiences begins in Kindergarten as students are exposed to SMART™ Technologies with the use of a SMART™ Table.  This exposure continues through fourth grade and into the Stow Creek School using SMART™ Boards in each grade level.  With our latest advances in curriculum and offerings in music, art, technology, and individual piano lessons the Morris Goodwin School is superior in developing a well-rounded child prepared for the rigors of higher education.   The Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership stands as a partnership that educates students for the future through proven high-level 21st Century teaching methods and emotional development strategies.GOALS
The Greenwich Township Public Schools provide every pupil the opportunity:

  1. mgkidsaTo become proficient in reading, writing, and arithmetic and apply these skills in their daily lives
  2. To have a knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live through the study of social studies, science, and current events
  3. To learn to appreciate and express one’s self in the arts: performing and fine
  4. To learn responsibility, respect and tolerance for others
  5. To learn to enjoy lifelong learning and to acquire the skills to adjust to the changing environment and world
  6. To learn to take care of one’s self physically and mentally to cope with everyday living
  7. To learn to differentiate between right and wrong and acquire appropriate decision making and judgement skills
  8. To have a knowledge of the governments of community, county, state, country and world, and how to participate in them
  9. To develop self-confidence and be able to communicate effectively
  10. To gain an awareness of careers and educational opportunities

Educational Process Goals

    Teaching reflects the present and future needs of the students

  1. The educational program reflect the present and future needs of the pupil
  2. Teachers, parents, teachers, and the community have a voice in the operation of the school
  3. An atmosphere exists where any competition among pupils is positive
  4. Resources for education are used with maximum efficiency
  5. Teaching staff members are of the highest quality
  6. Positive educational climate is maintained


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