IMPORTANT CALENDAR UPDATE: Last day of school for students and staff is now Wednesday, June 14, 2017

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13: School Closed for Teacher In-Service

MONDAY, JANUARY 16: School Closed for MLK Day


Welcome to Greenwich-Stow Creek
Partnership Schools

SC-MG Duplex

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Untitled-1Greenwich Stow Creek Partnership Schools are two small school districts in rural Cumberland County both of which enjoy a high quality of life reminiscent of a bygone period. This small school quality of life is growing increasing difficult for small districts to afford while at the same time offering educational opportunities that prepare their students to thrive in a rapidly evolving economic world. By sharing facilities, faculty and resources, the Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership Schools have met this challenge.

snowkids1The Partnership offers students from both districts superior educational opportunities and participation in various extracurricular activities—activities that otherwise would not be practical in the student’s home district.  As the Partnership’s primary school, Morris Goodwin now has enough students to support activities that were previously not available to students.  Special offerings for enrichment have been incorporated into the daily schedule.  Likewise, Stow Creek School, as the partnership’s middle school, now has enough students to support complete departmentalization with subject-certified, highly-qualified teachers in every area. Previously unavailable courses such as Algebra can now be offered to the combined districts’ students.  Instructional technology has been integrated into the curriculum at one of the highest levels for a school of any size.

By taking advantage of the economies of scale their combined numbers permit, the Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership endeavors to maximize their limited financial resources and provide the students from both communities with the best education possible. The “Partnership” is an innovative solution that has enabled both communities to provide its young people with a world-class, high-quality education while at the same time maintaining the small school as the center of the community.

The all female A cappella group from Drew University visited Stow Creek School to perform for our chorus on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.  The female chorus members from Cumberland Regional High School also attended.  The eight Drew students performed five songs and then worked with the Stow Creek and CRHS students, teaching them how to do vocal percussion.  To conclude the workshop, all the students performed a selection as a large group.